Fortis BC urges natural gas conservation (update)

Fortis B-C customers all across B-C are being urged to conserve energy after an explosion near Prince George damaged the natural gas pipeline that carries 85 per cent of the gas delivered by Fortis.

A Fortis Vice President Doug Stout, says 700-thousand customers are affected directly as the damaged pipeline serviced the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Northern BC. But another 300-thousand in the Okanagan and Southern Interior can help by cutting back usage. Stout says everyone should turn down or even turn off their furnace, if it's not too cold,
minimize use of hot water, fireplaces and stoves. Fortis wants us to help preserve as much natural gas for as long as possible.

The natural gas supply to the Okanagan and Southern Interior is carried by a different pipeline. Stout says there is still some gas in the damaged pipeline and in storage facilities in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. Fortis is bringing more gas in from Alberta and has activated gas plants in Ontario and Alaska.