Fortis reports near-record power consumption

With the province experiencing another arctic freeze this week, power consumption has closed in on all-time high levels.

While BC Hydro says its record of over 10,000 megawatts came on Tuesday night between 5 and 6 pm, Fortis BC says near-record numbers were set on Wednesday, at roughly the same time.

Fortis says that peak of 731 megawatts was only topped one other time - back in December 2008 when usage hit 746 megawatts.

Here in Kelowna, Fortis' Wednesday peak reached 307 megawatts, which is 25% higher than what was recorded at the end of November, and about 3% higher than mid-December.

The company also says natural gas use is high, but hasn't broken the record load set back in November 2014.

This year, the highest peak for natural gas was set on December 16 - a day that saw usage that was 50% higher than the end of November.