FortisBC promises no natural gas rate increase this spring

Good news for FortisBC natural gas customers - there will be no rate increase in April.

Company Spokesperson Diana Sorace says natural gas is currently at some of its lowest commodity rates in the last 10 years.

"As a commodity, of course, it does fluctuate, but as of April 1st there will be no change to the cost of natural gas," she says. 

Sorace says FortisBC reviews the cost of natural gas every three months with the BC Utilities Commission - there was no increase in rates in January as well. As for a rate reduction, she says there's always the possibility.

"Definitley there have been times where (the rate) has decreased, I believe it may have been in the middle of the year last year," says Sorace. "FortisBC does not mark up the cost of gas, which is good for customers to know, so essentially you pay what we pay when we purchase the gas."

The last increase to natural gas rates was October 2016 when Fortis hiked rates 80 per cent. 

FortisBc has 40,000 natural gas customers in Kelowna.