Foundry finds temporary location

Central School

Foundry Kelowna has found a new temporary home.

The mental health hub for young people was shut down late last week by a kitchen fire that caused widespread smoke damage to the building.

"Right now crews are working to clean up the office, make sure it's safe and ready to go" said Canadian Mental Health Association Spokesperson Jessica Samuels.

"We anticipate that's going to take a couple of weeks and we knew that we needed to provide the same level of care to help kids and families that are in need out there in our community."

Starting Wednesday, Foundry will be running all of its programs out of Central School on Richter Street until repairs to the main building are completed.

"When the school district said to us that Central School was available, we had a look and it looked to be - and is - going to be the right fit for us for the next couple of weeks"

The organization offers a variety of accessible mental health services to people between the ages of 12 and 24.

"There's many layers of care that Foundry provides and so that's why it's so crucial that we have this up-and-running and operational as soon as possible."