Fraudster going door-to-door in Rutland

The Salvation Army in Kelowna wants everyone to know they don't solicit for donations door to door. 

Communications Director Patty Lou Bryant says there's been another case of someone claiming to represent the Salvation Army..

"From what I understand there is someone is going door-to-door up in Rutland soliciting for the fire victims, and they're saying they're collecting for the Salvation Army - we don't go door-to-door at this time. We're happy to take donations on our website; you can come down to 1480 Sutherland Avenue and drop funds off, but we're not going door-to-door," she says.   

Bryant says the organization has been busy this year, with fires and floods, and resources have been depleted.

She says if you can help, the best place to make a donation is online at