Free sunscreen pilot project coming in August


The sunshine feels good on the body, but it can also cause skin cancer.

A local non profit group called Morgan's Mole Patrol will launch a pilot project in August, placing three free sunscreen stations at high profile locations....

"I met with Kelowna Golf and Country Club and he's going to be part of our pilot program. We hope to have one at a beach, maybe at the Visitor Information Centre. We want locations that will be secure but also have lots of traffic where people will have lots of exposure and see it."

Karen Wells is founder of Morgan's Mole Patrol, a cause she took up after her son Morgan died from melanoma.

She says we need the sun but her message is this, play safe in the sun and use sunscreen.

"Because we live in an area of the country where lifstyle is outside a lot. We just need to protect ourselves. We're not telling people to stay inside, we just want them to play safe."