Fundraiser for road rage victim

A GoFundMe account has been established to raise money for the victim of an alleged road rage incident.  It’s believed that two drivers got into a fight near Bernard Avenue and Ellis Street in downtown Kelowna on May 29th.

A 37 year old man was taken into police custody but later released, while 54 year old Mohsen Mogimkhani, of West Kelowna, remains in hospital with a serious head injury.

His co-worker, Indy Brar helped set up the page because Mogimkhani  has no family here.  “All of his family is back in Iran.  He’s been in the country for a little while but in Kelowna we’re kind of the only family and friends that he really has,” says Brar. 

His co-workers have established the page in hopes of raising 10 thousand dollars.  “When you have somebody that’s in the hospital that’s really incoherent and can’t really fend for themselves, we have to make sure that we’re taking care of his day-to-day.  He has an apartment, he has bills that he needs to pay and we don’t know how long he’s going to be in hospital.  We wanted to make sure that he doesn’t fall behind so once he does, hopefully get fully recovered, life just continues for him as it was.”

Brar says Mogimkhani’s doctors are unsure of the extent of his injury.  “He hasn’t been able to really fully talk.  (Sunday) was the first time he was able to form a short sentence.”

Mogimkhani’s been getting plenty of visitors, whether it be his co-workers, neighbors, or just people in the public that have heard about what he’s going through.  “He’s one of those guys, first one to say hello to you when you come into the building and he says goodbye to everyone when he goes home at the end of the night.  He’s social outside of work with staff(Kelowna Toyota) as well,” says Brar.  “He’s a good person to have around.”   

Over $6000 has been raised since the GoFundMe page was started 3 days ago.