Future Kelowna bikeshare service could include electric scooters

The future of bikesharing in Kelowna could potentially include electric scooters.

This week, the city received a new application from a company that wants to introduce scooter sharing into the community as an alternative to bikes.

City staff won't release the name of the company until the application is approved. However, San Francisco-based scooter share company Lime is reportedly working on plans to expand into Western Canada.

At the same time, the City of Kelowna is in the process of lobbying the BC Government for permission to allow e-scooters on public roads.

This latest application is one of two currently working its way through City Hall. The other seeks to provide pedal bikes similar to those used by Dropbike last summer. 

Active Transportation Manager Matt Worona has confirmed the bike application has met all of the city's requirements. All that is left is for the company to provide insurance paperwork and a cash deposit.