Gas price inquiry hits a snag

gas price wizard

Back in May, Premier Horgan ordered an inquiry into gas prices saying what we pay at the pump is alarming and increasingly out of step with the rest of Canada.

A three person panel then went to work, but now they've hit a snag. gasAll but one gas and diesel supplier has refused to provide information on how they establish profit margins when setting the price per litre.

Dan McTeague at, calls the inquiry a sham.

"Predictably it's irrelevant, a sop maybe to the lefties and those who don't like the oil industry and the fossil fuel industry and are opposed to the Trans Mountain Pipeline. They're trying to find an excuse. This won't be it. Unfortunately it'll be window washing. At the end of the day the Premier will have no one to blame but himself."

McTeague says when you fight against pipeline expansion and add tax upon tax to the price of gas, the problem is the government.