Gas prices steady, could go down next week

After gas prices rose to alarming highs in Kelowna in recent months, they've finally stopped for the time being.

Prices around the city are currently averaging $1.42 per litre, and haven't budged in the past few weeks, but Dan McTeague of says this could change soon.

“They could continue to go down, slowly but surely,” says McTeague. “(Kelowna) could be below $1.40 by Friday or into Monday at the latest.”

McTeague also says gas prices are unlikely to go down to the $1.30 per litre range anytime this summer.

As far as why gas prices went up so high in the first place, McTeague says the Trans Mountain Pipeline has been one of the main reasons.

“As long as we continue to delay the building of this pipeline, to get half a million barrels of oil out to different parts of the world, we’re going to continue to see a major depreciation of our looney, which in turn leads to higher prices for everything.”

Grand Forks currently has the lowest gas prices in BC at the moment, sitting at a dollar-twenty-five, while Vancouver has the highest gas prices in all of Canada, having recently reached the $1.60 per litre mark.