Getting closer to record highs in the Okanagan

The sunshine is making us happy - but are we breaking any temperature records in the Okanagan?  

Environment Canada Meteorologist Carmen Hartt says the short answer is no, but we've come close. She says today's high (Wed) could hit the mid-teens - and the all time records are in the same range.

Hartt says for the rest of the week, tempertures will be more in the normal range, which she says is actually closer to the low to mid-teens anyway. Hartt says this type of weather will stay with us for the rest of March and well into the spring. 

As for rainfall amounts - Hartt says predicting precipitation is harder. She says their seasonal model does pretty well with the temperature forecast - and its predicting a milder spring than normal, but as far as the precipitation is concerned, there's not a very good indication whether we'll get a lot of rain or less.   

Spring arrives officially at 2:58 BC time Wednesday afternoon.