Golf course feels impact of flood waters

A Kelowna golf course was shut down on the weekend with nearby Mill Creek spilling its banks. 

While the flood waters haven't impacted the 18 holes along Shadow Ridge Golf Club, it is threatening the property.

"There is really no flooding on the property, it's just pumping out water that comes through our drains. It is our main gate on the city road, it is called Bowman Road. It is that road that is flooded", says Shadow Ridge general manager James Presnail.

Presnail says members understand the flood situation, especially after last May when the course had to close with significant flooding impacting the entire course.

"We are super optimistic that we will not flood because we've contained it, more so than and years in the past. Even if the waters get higher, I am not very concerned with it at this point. Obviously I am touching wood when I say that", Presnail added.

The golf course spent the weekend laying sandbags and tiger dams around the creeks to prevent flooding if Mill Creek spills in banks.

Shadow Ridge is hoping to re-open Tuesday, but that may be slightly delayed until later this week.