Golf season isn't over yet

Don't put those golf clubs away just yet.

If the weather cooperates, Two Eagles Golf Course in West Kelowna will stay open until mid November.

The pro shops Richard Sykes says even the cooler weather and lack of sunlight doesn't keep people away.

"We are still getting the diehards. We have people going out today. They are just walking. Some golfers are just a different breed that you can't get them away from the golf course."

While Two Eagles remains open, nearby Shannon Lake is closing its doors today for another season. 

"We have a good spot here at Two Eagles which is close to the water. We get a good breeze and not a lot of trees on the course which helps us get a lot of sun. We don't know when we will officially close. We do know that we won't allow power carts after November 4th," Sykes added.