Good time to get your emergency kit ready

The Central Okanagan Regional District is throwing out its annual reminder to make sure you have an emergency kit prepared. 

Spokesperson Bruce Smith says despite the heavy snowfall we've seen this month, this time of year is the relative calm before possible trouble like spring flooding and the summer fire season. 

He says the most important item to pack in your emergency kit is a three day supply of food and water for your family and pets, followed by a flashlight and extra batteries.

"People will bring cell phones and don't have chargers, so make sure you have a charger with your emergency kit," says Smith. "Also cash in small bills because you may not have access to the ATM's."

Smith says other items include an AM/FM radio, seasonal clothing, medications and important documents.

More information is available at the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations website where you can also sign up to receive email updates directly from the Emergency Operation Centre, whenever it’s activated.