Gorman Bros. donate to United Way

In 1951, John and Ross Gorman and their wives started a small business making apple boxes. 

The business has grown to five forest products divisions employing 1200 people. 

It started as a small community based and focused operation and has never lost that core value of understanding the importance of the relationship between business and the communities it resides in.

"The United Way is an important partner that enables us to 'give back' in an organized and efficient manner ensuring the biggest impact for donated support," says Nick Arkle, co-CEO of Gorman Group.  "It is an expression of a community working together to ensure that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'."

Gorman Bros Lumber continued their philanthropy by investing big in United Way in 2017.

Employee donations totaled around $30,000 and Gorman Bros 100% corporate match brought the total to exceed $60,000.

This propelled them to 2nd (in terms of total donated) out of over 110 workplaces in the region.