Green Leader Weaver visits Kelowna

With an upcoming by-election in the riding of Kelowna West, the BC Green Party is putting boots on the ground this week.

Party Leader Andrew Weaver will be in town, and host a public town hall meeting on Thursday.

He'll lead the event with local engineer Robert Stupka, who's been named as the candidate for the Greens.

Weaver says he's filling the itinerary for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

"I'm meeting with the mayor of West Kelowna, the mayor of Kelowna, I'm meeting with Accelerate Okanagan, a number of CEOs of various companies, as well as doing the proverbial meeting people with Robert in the Westbank region, attempting to let people understand what BC Greens are about," he said.

"We recognize that there is a perception that we have to overcome, which is a perception of the past as opposed to the reality of the present."

As for the by-election, he says he hasn't heard from Premier John Horgan about the exact date of the vote.

"I have no inside knowledge, except what is publicly available. Mr. Horgan has said that he would like to have the new MLA from Kelowna West in the Legislature to be present for budget debates. We know that an election must occur by February 4, which suggests that it's going to be pretty imminent," he said.

Weaver says one of the big issues he's getting ready to move ahead on is with increases to minimum wage.

"We've always pushed for moving towards a living wage, a wage that reflects the cost of living in a community. It might be a differential minimum wage across British Columbia - it might be different in say, Skeena, verses Metro Vancouver," he said.

"But we don't want the politics to set that, we want the experts to set that. So, they should be reporting back very, very soon in terms of a direction to get to future increases to minimum wage."

The public meeting happens between 7 and 9 at the Westbank Community Centre.