Greyhound leaving Western Canada

Greyhound Canada announced on Monday that it will be ending its bus and freight services in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba at the end of October.

This comes after a 41 percent decline in people riding the buses since 2010, and increased competition from other transportation services.

Linda Bullock, a longtime Greyhound customer in Kelowna, says this will throw a wrench in many people's travel plans.

"I've been taking it for the last ten years. There was a time when I couldn't drive, so that was the only way that I could go visit my grandchildren," says Bullock. "It's shocking - I don't know what to think about it."

On the other hand, Bryan Madsen, another Greyhound user, knew exactly what he thought of it: he wasn't happy about it at all.

"I'm going to boycott everything to do with Greyhound," says Madsen. "That's about all that we can do."

415 Greyhound employees will be put out of work when the exit takes effect, and about 2 million Greyhound customers will be affected. Only one Greyhound route will remain open in Western Canada: a service between Vancouver and Seattle.

Management at the Kelowna Greyhound location declined to comment.