Grow-op in Kelowna's Upper Mission raided

Kelowna RCMP seized a significant amount of marijuana, earlier this month, after getting a tip from Nova Scotia RCMP's Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

The tip came in October 28th about a property in the Paret Road area in the Upper Mission.

Police say although the location was licensed as a legal marijuana grow-op, the drugs were not being exclusively grown for personal consumption - the pot was allegedly being harvested and sold to members of the Hells Angels. 

On November 1st, RCMP raided the property and seized about 62 pounds of packaged marijuana.

The next day another 2.6 pounds of pre-packaged marijuana was seized, along with 94 mature plants, in another shop on the property.

The investigation is still ongoing as Kelowna RCMP continue to work with Nova Scotia police and their ongoing organized crime investigation.

The original 9 month investigation lead to the arrest of 61-year-old Paul Francis Monahan of Halifax in Jeddore, Nova Scotia. RCMP say Monahan is a "hang-around" member of the New Brunswick Nomad Hells Angels Chapter.

48-year-old Mark David Heickert of Orillia, Ontario was also arrested at a residence in Orillia. Heickert is a full-patch member of the Oshawa Hells Angels Chapter.

Search warrants were executed at homes in Ostrea Lake, Nova Scotia, Orillia, Ontario and at the Hells Angels Clubhouse in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. Police seized the following from the homes: two kilograms of cocaine, a sawed off shotgun, a large quantity of cash, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang paraphernalia, multiple cell phones and electronics.

From the clubhouse, police seized a small quantity of hash and marihuana, a number of unidentified pills, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang paraphernalia, multiple cellphones, electronics and cash.

Monahan has been charged with:

· Trafficking of a Controlled Substance (marihuana) x 15

· Possession of Proceeds of Crime

· Conspiracy to Traffic in a Controlled Substance (cocaine) x 4

· Conspiracy to Possess Proceeds of Crime

· Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (methamphetamine)

Heickert has been charged with:

· Conspiracy to Traffic in a Controlled Substance (cocaine) x 4

· Conspiracy to Possess Proceeds of Crime