Heavy cost with applying to open a pot shop

Anyone hoping to open up a pot shop in Kelowna is going to have to deal with a hefty price tag for the application alone, and even then, there's no guarantee of a success.

When the City starts accepting applications, the application fee will come in at around $1,000, and if that's approved for the rezoning process, there's another $9,495 fee that goes along with it.

"This is to cover all the City's costs of creating the whole cannabis regulation model in Kelowna, and also our costs of reviewing and processing each application," says Community Planning Manager Ryan Smith. "We've also had the costs of shutting down the retail dispensaries that were operating contrary to our bylaws to ensure that there's a level playing field."

While the costs of applying to open almost any other type of business in Kelowna are significantly cheaper, Smith says opening a pot shop requires extra steps.

"Through the rezoning process, we would be looking at the suitability of a location, whether or not it has adequate parking, and what the setback is from parks and schools," says Smith. "I think this will make sure that those who have well-developed, serious business plans, can get through the process."

The City will begin taking pot shop applications from October to November, and will be reviewing those applications in December and January to determine which of them go forward