Hedge fire doused in West Kelowna

Fast-acting neighbours doused a dangerous hedge fire in West Kelowna Friday.

Around 11AM, a row of cedars went up in flames between two homes on Green Bay Road.

The next-door neighbours were able to hose down the bushes before firefighters arrived to finish the job.

"We did put a few hundred gallons of water on it just to make sure that there are no embers or anything like that" said Captain Clint Fraser with West Kelowna Fire and Rescue.

Cedars catch fire quickly and easily in dry, hot weather. Firefighters are advising locals to keep the hedges well hydrated and far away from homes.

"Trim them back, keep them watered as best you can" said Fraser. "To be safe, I would suggest taking them away from the house or pruning them right back."

"It's extremely dry right now and having cedars that are attaching to a house is kind of a dangerous thing to have"