Homelessness and housing on Monday's Kelowna city council agenda

Kelowna's Social Development Manager is to deliver a report to council on Monday, January 30, outlining a long-term strategy to address homelessness in the city - the report will also update what's currently being done.

A key element in the report is how the city plans to better integrate homelessness services to help residents achieve housing stability and improve their overall safety and health.

The idea is to reduce the incidence of homelessness, and ensure when it does happen, the duration is reduced. 

Councillors will also be asked to consider approving housing grants for 11 rental housing projects totalling 1,070 units

With a rental vacancy rate of below one-percent, the city has made some adjustments to the housing grant program to encourage more apartment development - and this year, it received the highest number of applications on record. 

Among the changes - the city increased maximum grants for larger family units and the overall amount of funding available was raised by $100,000 to $420,000.

Also on the agenda -a quarterly report from the City Manager.