How to fix ICBC

David Eby wants help putting out the "dumpster fire" that is ICBC these days.

Public engagement starts today, March 5, 2018, regarding changes to ICBC's auto insurance system that will make drivers more accountable for their decisions and driving behaviours.

"Drivers have been saying for years that the system would be more fair if low-risk drivers paid less for their vehicle insurance, while high-risk drivers paid more," said Attorney General David Eby. "This engagement is one way government is giving drivers the power to shape ICBC and restore public confidence in our public insurer."

British Columbians can provide feedback on how ICBC should use claims and driver experience in determining basic insurance premiums, giving greater discounts to low-risk drivers and balancing basic insurance prices to reflect increased risk with driver behaviour or location.

The public engagement period closes April 5, 2018, at 4 p.m. (Pacific time).