Increased Snowpack Could Lead to Flooding

While skiiers and snowboarders may be thrilled at having so much snow in the mountains around the Okanagan, it may cause problems once spring arrives.

As of January 1st, the snowpack in the mountains has been recorded at 123 percent of normal, compared to the 79 percent of normal from this time last year. 

As temperatures warm up and more rainfall comes into the area, there is a risk of flooding, much like what we saw last spring in Kelowna.

What's just as worrisome is that there could be even more snow in the coming months.

"We're still in the accumulation season," says head of BC River Forecast Centre Dave Campbell. "If this trend continues, we would certainly consider that to be an elevated risk situation."

Last year's flood, which caused significant damage in the Okanagan, was largely attributed to the melting snowpack in the mountains.