Is a fire bug deliberately setting fires?

Is someone going around Kelowna deliberately setting fires?

The Kelowna Fire Department is hoping that's not the case, but 8 suspicious fires in the last two weeks has many asking that question.

Deputy Chief of Operations Larry Hollier says it's a concern.

"There has been no lightning through the region when we have received those calls. It is definitely human caused. With the upcoming heat starting to hit the Okanagan again, everything is starting to dry out. It also really stresses our resources within town beyond our normal volume".     

Hollier says the public can do their part if they suspect someone is deliberately setting a fire.

"Do a mental note of who was in the area when you noticed the fire. If you could identify that person. Basically height, colour of hair, what they were wearing at the time, so when our crews do arrive or the RCMP, they can pass that information along", Hollier added.       

Hollier says the public is essentially their eyes. If you see a fire or a plume of smoke, call it in.