It may be two years between old and new contracts for postal workers

Still no contract for Canada's postal workers and it may not happen until the end of the year.

Back in May, the arbitrator was granted an extension until December 31st.

Kelowna CUP-W President Mathew Aitken says, "The posties won't have contracts until January or February of next year. Two years after expiry date and after all that work stoppage. The union has always been ready to come to the table and make a deal. This is where labour in this country gets pushed right now.

Aitken says when employers know that the government will force arbitration, they're never going to negotiate a contract. They'll just wait.

That he says is what's happening to more than 50 thousand postal workers across the country.

"Some people say that maybe the extension of the arbitration is good for us. And that the arbitrator has asked for the extension because she's talking to the workers and I think there's something to that. However, when you have to wait this long for a contract and pay equity, it doesn't help pay the bills now."

Aitken says he and the CUP-W membership hope the wait is worth it.