It's Canadian Airports Safety Week

YLW sign

It's Airports Safety Week across the country.

Staff at 29 Canadian airports are taking part in safety-themed activities including Kelowna International Airport.

"We've got everything from security, and how security is conducted; we've got fire safety and things like peoples roles if we have to evcuate the building; there's air-side passenger safety in terms of people boarding airplanes, and how to make sure that's done safely," says Kelowna Aiport Manager Sam Sammadar.

He says the week helps remind staff to follow procedures, and not take shortcuts, to ensure safety in every area of the airport.

"We value our employees and it's important that they return home safely at the end of every shift," says Sammadar.

Airports Safety Week wraps up on Friday with the Foreign Object Debris walk on the airfield.

Sammadar says "It's one of our top safety items. We want to make sure - as people are out there - that they look for any kind of debris; something that may have fallen off a vehicle or whatever it might be - if that gets injested into an aircraft engine it can create tremendous damage." 

Canadian Airports Safety Week was first launched in Toronto in 2015.