'It's gotten worse': Deer cull petition yet to go before council

An Upper Mission resident is still waiting for his petition for a deer cull to go before Kelowna council.

Ken Walker and 3 residents gathered 1,200 signatures for the petition that was sent to the city two months ago.

But he says deer continue to feast on his plants, and the problem has only gotten worse because many have given birth and the hot, dry summer has killed plants in the bush.

 “The only plants that are available to them are in our backyards where we’re watering and growing them so they need food and particularly the young bambis”

He says this is the first year the deer have been attracted to his plum trees, so he’s had to cover them up.

“If nothing is done, all we’ll have is newer and newer and newer additions that are gonna cause us more havoc in the future, not less, unless something is done.”

Walker says he’s continuously “shooing” away deer off his property.

He says the city told him the petition will go to council at a meeting during the fall.