John Horgan makes pre-election campaign stop in Kelowna

BC NDP leader John Horgan held a roundtable with seniors in Kelowna today.

It’s one of several pre-election campaign stops he’s making to ridings represented by Premier Christy Clark “past and present” this week.

Shelley Cook, BC NDP candidate for Kelwona West, Erik Olsesn, BC NDP candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country, and Harwinder Sandghy, BC NDP candidate for Kelowna-Mission also attended.

Seven seniors participated in the roundtable, many of whom shared their struggles of living off low pensions, finding an affordable place to live and paying for the cost of healthcare and prescriptions.

Horgan promised things would be different with an NDP government.

“It’s our view that it’s time that we had a government that’s working for these people and seniors in every corner of the province, not just those that are writing the big cheques,” Horgan said “The BC Liberals are focused on their donors and the wealthy and the well to do. I think we need a government that’s focused on the people around this table”

While he didn't make any specific promises, Horgan said the NDP platform would be launched next week, when the campaign officially begins.

Horgan also shut down suggestions his party wouldn’t win any seats in Kelowna.

Following the roundtable, he was asked by reporters about his “real chances” of picking up a seat in the area, given the Liberal stronghold.

“I’m very excited about our 3 candidates here and I’m very excited about our prospects,” Horgan replied “There’s a need for a government that’s working for people, that’s what we’re hearing on the doorstep”

The NDP hasn’t won a seat in the Kelowna area in more than 20 years.

“I’m a team sport guy and if you don’t play the game, you won’t know the outcome. Nothing is certain in our lives and I believe if you don’t offer, you won’t get an outcome” Horgan later added.

The election will officially be called on April 11 and residents will go to the polls on May 9.