Kangaroo Creek Farm looks to move in 2020

One of the most popular summer attractions in the area, the Kangaroo Creek Farm in Lake Country, is looking for a larger location. 

Co-owner Caroline Wightman says parking and access have become issues.

"There isn't enough parking on Main Street, which is why we leased a couple of parking lots on the corner of Hill and Main," says Wightman. "Even that is going to be inadequate in July and August."

Wightman says about 2,000 people a day visit the farm, and its 150 animals, which include kangaroos, capybaras, and parrots.

"There is room for expansion as far as the number of animals that we can have without them being too crowded or exhausting their grazing, but we don't have enough space for the amount of people that want to visit," says Wightman.

Wightman says they're going through the Agricultural Land Commission to get the proper permits for the new location, which is likely to be just north of the Kelowna International Airport.

The farm would use about 12 acres of the new 55 acre site - and a move won't happen until 2020.