Kelowna applies for Smart Cities funding

The city says it's hoping to get a chunk of funding to help in its plan to end homelessness.

At Monday's meeting, Mayor Colin Basran announced that Kelowna has bid on the federal government's Smart Cities Challenge.

"I'm really excited to announce that the City of Kelowna has submitted an application on the federal government's Smart Cities Challenge, in an attempt to attract $10 million in funding to address an important issue in our community, which is all of the things we've been talking about (regarding homelessness)," he said.

The city is proposing to use the $10 million to create methods and tools to analyze data on the local housing market, in an effort to create more affordable options.

Basran says finalists will be announced in the coming months.

"We were informed late last week our application meets the eligibility criteria, and we hope to hear by the end of the summer if we are one of the finalists that will receive a $250,000 grant to further develop our proposal in the competition for the $10 million prize," he said.

"It all centres around data and the innovation side of this whole Journey Home."

The city has posted the details of its submission online.