Kelowna Chamber wants in on public safety

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is speaking up because they feel they haven't been consulted yet in the process of making our city safer through finding solutions to the issues of homelessnes and drug addiction in the downtown core.

New Chamber President Nikki Csek says downtown business is on the front line of vandalism and criminal activity.

"It's not an easy topic, there's no easy way to work through this other than through conversation and discussion and making sure that we're heard. We just want to get together - we want to talk," says Csek. "Is there an easy answer? Can we just turn to page 43 in the playbook manual and just execute that? There isn't."    

Csek told AM 1150's Early Edition that tourism season is just around the corner and downtown businesses want to be heard.

She said everyone affected needs to be involved in finding solutions to the issues created by downtown homelessness, drug addition and mental health.