Kelowna Chiefs hockey club responds to suggestions that they should change their name and logo

A professor and group of students at UBCO are calling for the Kelowna Chiefs hockey club to change their name and logo. They are studying the sociology of sport and in that context, believe the name Chiefs and the logo are offensive to First Nations. The Chiefs logo features two tomahawks and the head of an indigenous warrior, similar to the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Kelowna Chiefs President and General Manager Grant Sheridan says, "With all teams and businesses, you have to look at the intent of the logo, the intent of the name. If any of those derogatory things exist, unacceptable, not welcome anywhere."

Sheridan adds, "We've thankfully had discussions with Westbank First Nation and I'm happy to say they were supportive."

Sheridan says the Chiefs have had only 4 inquiries in the past 9 years about their name and logo. 

He is proud of his organization and what they do in the community, "We consider ourselves one of the more inclusive organizations around."

Chiefs players and personel are involved in charity work and place school as a priority over hockey, in addition to entertaining their fans on the ice.