Kelowna councillors pleased with ride-sharing announcement

Kelowna city councillors are welcoming the provincial government’s plan that will see ride-sharing companies operate in B.C. by the end of the year.

Councillor Ryan Donn says residents have been asking for ride-sharing for a couple of years now, and is glad the first steps have been taken to bring it.

“I’m really excited to see Uber coming to Kelowna,” he says “I think it’s an option that young people have been asking me consistently for. There is a pretty consistent, 100 % support from everyone under 40 that says ‘of course we should be having it, why is it even a question?'”

Donn acknowledges the taxi industry will be affected by the change, but says many new tech industries are disruptive.

Councillor Mohini Signh says as a council they have been supportive of ride-sharing as part of it's transportation plan and they welcome the news.

She is however hoping for more details from the province as the changes are rolled out. 

“We just want to see what all the implications will be for our city, our residents, the taxi industry as well”

Kelowna taxi companies say they will not comment on the announcement at this time.