Kelowna couple awaiting charges in trafficking investigation

A Kelowna couple is facing potential charges after being the subject of a year-long trafficking investigation.

Back in September 2016, police launched Project E-Neophile, which tracked the couple as they imported fentanyl and carfentanil from other countries, and then sold to customers in Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe.

Police say they used the Dark Web to traffick the drugs, which is an area of the internet that requires specific identity-concealing software to access, and is not traceable on a search engine.

After two months the suspects went silent, but re-emerged on the Dark Web this past July.

After a month of surveillance, Corporal Jesse O'Donaghey says RCMP got warrants for the couple's home on Loseth Drive, and downtown business on Pandosy Street.

"As many as 25 packages suspected of containing fentanyl or carfentanil, destined for Canadian, American, European and Australian cities, were intercepted by authorities," he said.

"In addition, two un-secured firearms were seized from the residence along with approximately $68,000 USD in Bitcoin." 

Along with those packages, police recovered over 120 grams of suspected opioids, and 3 kilos of powders, which are all being lab tested.

The 35-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were arrested, and released on a promise to appear in court December 8.