Kelowna equalizing handyDART pass rates

The city says it wants to bring fare parity to its transit system.

This week, council approved changes to the handyDART system, a branch of the public transit system used by people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

That change would bring monthly pass rates in line with conventional transit, at $70 for adults and $45 for seniors.

Transit manager Jerry Dombowsky says lost revenue will be minimal.

"The impact of this fare adjustment, if we equalize these to the conventional rates, it would reduce revenue by $6250 per year, which is really only 1.2% of total custom transit revenue," he said.

Previously, both adults and seniors were paying $75 per month for handyDART passes.

Prices for adult and senior ticket sheets will also be reduced.

Councillor Charlie Hodge was shocked to realize the issue dated back to a previous council term.

"If that happened on my previous shift, smack us, because that's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous," he said.

"I'm so glad that you have clarified and changed this, and thank you. I'm just shocked it even got here."

Kelowna will now wait to hear similar approvals from councils in West Kelowna and Lake Country.