Kelowna flood evacuees have more hotel room options

After a busy Friday and Saturday - as 150 Kelowna flood evacuees registered at the Salvation Army on Sutherland Avenue - the number of people attending the evacuation centre dwindled on Sunday. 

Spokesperson Beryl Itani says only two people showed up, out of an expected 50. 

"Yesterday with all of these sporting events and things that folks were here for on the weekend, everybody went home, and from having absolutely having no hotel rooms on Friday and Saturday, suddenly on Sunday we had 200 and 300 rooms at our disposal, " she says. 

The evacuation centre is open again Monday.

Itani, who volunteered during the Okanagan Wildfire in 2003, says in some ways flooding is worse than fire.

"Once the waters recede you're left with silt; with a mess that gets mold into your drywall, and you have to have that removed, and your floors are full of silt, and it's really a whole lot worse than fire, at least in my estimation - and I've helped people for a number of years through floods - and that's what they tell me too," says Itani. 

Residents no longer under Evacuation Orders can return to their properties, but should be aware they may not have full services - there may be floodwater damage and electrcity and gas may be shut-off. 

Emergency Support Services says assessments continue on all properties under Evacuation Orders with the goal of returning those properties to their owners as soon as possible.