Kelowna gets a dump of snow

Winter is back.

Ennvironment Canada Meteorologist Trevor Smith says 3 to 4 cms of snow will be on the ground by late Wednesday morning in Kelowna - and about 5 cms for the Okanagan Connector at Brenda Mine, Pennask Summit and Elkhart.

Smith says last year at this time there was a little more.

"(In 2018) I was looking at 10, 11 and 12 cms from the climate stations we have, so a little bit more than what we've got right now - it looks like we're seeing around 5 cms in some of the valley bottom locations. Going back to 2017, a little bit more - about 20 cms on the ground by the end of January," he says.   

Smith says there's still lots of winter left, and we could yet catch up on snowfall totals.

He says the forecast calls for a mix of sun and cloud and warmer temperatures for Thursday and Friday - highs near plus 2 both days.