Kelowna has most dangerous intersections in Southern Interior

In the latest numbers from ICBC - Kelowna has the most dangerous intersections in the Interior. 

ICBC Spokesperson Sam Corea says the numbers are from 2015, published this past January, and show Kelowna has 8 of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Southern BC. 

Corea says Harvey Avenue at Dilworth Drive had the most crashes at 115 followed by Harvey at Spall with 113.

He says the number of people injured in crashes in 2015 also rose - but the number of deaths decreased slightly from 17 in 2011 to 14 in 2015.   

Corea says another interesting statistic is a 2% decrease in dial-a-claim calls in the Southern Interior in February this year from 2016, while provincially the calls increased 17%.

Corea won't say whether we're getting better at winter driving in the Interior - but does say dial-a-claim calls skyrocket, especially in the Lower Mainland, every time it snows.

You can check out the complete ICBC report here