Kelowna hopeful for modular home funding

After recently seeing Vancouver get $66 million of provincial funding for modular homes, Kelowna says it's hopeful to get a piece of that pie.

While Kelowna hasn't had the modulars built before, the hope is that they can add to the city's low supply of affordable housing.

Planning Director Doug Gilchrist says plans would go through the same process as any other development.

"Urban town centres, and close to services and transportation nodes is obviously a good location for multi-family, so we wouldnt' treat them much different than that," he said.

"Certainly they would have to require a building permit and a development permit, and make sure that they fit in with the context of the neighbourhoods that they might go in."

He says staff are in consistent talks with BC Housing, and are hoping to secure a portion of the $461 million announced to build and operate modular homes.

Gilchrist says if they come to town, it'll be through this provincial program.

"I don't see modular homes necessarily taking a mainstream housing solution. What we're talking about here is a specific provincial program, so likely this would be something that comes from BC Housing," he said.

He says they're also the type of buildings that would work well twith the city's needs.

"Certainly we're hopeful that some of the provincial money in the housing program will find its way to Kelowna, and we're working hard to ensure that," he said.

"I know our council is keen on the housing first model, of helping those in need in our community, and getting them housed as quickly as possible. So we're working hard to try and land some of that provincial money into Kelowna, in whatever form that solution might take."

Vancouver's funding will build 600 more units, which are roughly 300 square feet apiece.