Kelowna introduces needle disposal hotline

The City of Kelowna has introduced a new program to ensure displaced needles are disposed of properly.

Locals who aren't comfortable picking up used needles themselves can now report the sharps to the city.

"We certainly recognize not everybody is comfortable picking up those needles when they find them" said Community Safety Director Lance Kayfish. "We just wanted to have an easy way for people to get rid of that unwanted litter."

A simple phone call to the Kelowna Fire Department's non-emergency line (250-469-8801) and someone will be dispatched to pick up the needles.

According to the City of Kelowna, there are 36 needle collection boxes in public spaces throughout the community. Still, the number of improperly discarded sharps has been on the rise.

"We have been carefully monitoring the number of needles found around town for some time" said Kayfish. "It's really a moving target, and where needles show up does change from time to time."

The city also provides information on its website on how locals can safely dispose of the needles.