Kelowna is North American headquarters for software company

A West African high tech company is making Kelowna its North American headquarters.

IPMC (Intercom Programming Manufacturing Company) has annual sales of 40 billion dollars with over 30 thousand users in 25 countries.

"The industry average in this software, which is called ERP, is around 35 percent. Our successful implementation is more than 95 percent, so yes it has been working across countries, continents and across different customers."       

Director of Canadian Operations, Jasbir Dhillion, says IPMC has over 750 employees and boasts annual sales of 40 billion dollars.

"We had a strategy session two years ago where we were looking to expand into different markets and it was at that time that we decided to open our presence in North America and then Canada and then Kelowna was chosen."   

The company’s headquarters will be at the Landmark 3 building.

"A lot of tech companies are in that area, so we wanted to be in the tech culture of the community.  One of the reasons to be in Kelowna was the growing support from the City and the community towards the tech sector", Dhillion added.

With only three local employees, the hope is IPMC will be one of the largest employers in the Okanagan in five years.