Kelowna man caught urinating on police headquarters

Most of us would try and find an 'out-of-the-way' place if we just couldn't hold it - but not this 21-year-old Kelowna man. 

He was arrested over the long weekend for urinating on the new Kelowna RCMP headquarters on Richter Street. 

Police say at around 11:30 pm Saturday night, a guard at the detachment's cell block spotted an unauthorized vehicle in the secure compound - a black Ford Escape - and then saw the lone occupant relieve himself on the side of the building.

Officers attended and say the man seemed confused and oblivious to the fact he just urinated on a police building. 

They detected signs he was intoxicated - and found illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia inside his vehicle.

Police issued the man a 24 hour driving prohibition.