Kelowna Middle School raises $21K for BC Children's Hospital

Students and staff at Dr. Knox Middle School in Kelowna, came together to raise $21,000 for BC Children's Hospital by shaving their heads on Thursday.

For Teacher and founder David Lafontaine, the day is very close to his heart.

“It started when I arrived at our school. My son Jesse had been at BC Children's Hospital as a young guy and had multiple open heart surgeries. It’s grown and grown over the years, we've had hundreds of kids raise money and hundreds of kids shave their head and cut off hair”

Their goal is to spread compassion and teach kids to care for others.

“It’s not just about them, they have to take their eyes off themselves and they have to be able to understand to have compassion and empathy for others,” said Lafontaine.

He said every year there is someone the kids know at the hospital, and often there are current students being treated at the hospital.

The event has run for 14 consecutive years, raising $462,662 in total.