Kelowna Residents Split on Winter Season

With spring around the corner, Kelowna residents are weighing in on what they thought about this past winter season, and if it felt any different compared to past winters.

"I think it was longer and a bit colder," a resident suggested.

Another said: "The last winters were pretty cold, this winter was pretty warm, except for the cold spell that we just had."

On the other hand, other people didn't see too much of a deviation from the average Kelowna winter, apart from it feeling like a longer season. One resident said: "I'm not sure it really was all that different. We've had cold, we've had snow; it just seemed to have started and didn't go away."

Meteorologist Cindy Yu stated that this actually was a fairly average wintertime, with temperatures staying within the normal range, albeit slightly colder. That still doesn't account for monthly temperature averages, though.

"February for example was colder than normal," says Yu. "Our February average temperature in Kelowna was minus 3.2. The normal should be around minus 0.9."

And for those who feel that the winter has felt longer than normal, Yu says that's because the worst of it came later on in the season.

"The cold air kind of pushed through in February."

Temperatures are expected to warm up over the weekend, with highs of around 12 degrees and plenty of sun.