Kelowna residents won't cover pot shop costs

The City of Kelowna continues to take applications for recreational marijuana stores - the deadline is the end of November.

So far - none have have been received.

On AM 1150's Early Edition this morning - Mayor Colin Basran was asked whether the $1,000 application fee was scaring off potential pot shop owners..

"I don't believe so at all. I think it's just the fact that all the applications will be looked at once, so I believe there's no rush to be first in the door, because we're going to look at everybody's," he said. 

Basran said the fee is needed to pay for staff time to examine the applications, and pay for increased bylaw enforcement and security checks.

"So do we want taxpayers paying to make sure that these businesses are playing by the law, or do we want these businesses themselves to be covering these costs? I think it's only fair that these businesses cover the cost of being in business, and not putting it back on the taxpayers," he said.

City Community Planning Manager Ryan Smith has said in the past, they're expecting 25 to 45 potential recreational marijuana store applications.