Kelowna's bridge handling the high water

High water in Okanagan Lake means adjustments have been made to the floating portion of the W.R. Bennett Bridge. 

Those noticeable bumps - when you drive between the fixed portions and floating sections of the bridge - is a seam created when the floating part was adjusted for the higher lake level. 

Steve Sirett, the Associate District Manager of Transportation for the Okanagan and Shuswap, is reassuring everyone who uses the bridge, that when the span was being constructed, high lake levels were factored in.  

"When it was designed, it was designed to take in all the historic lake levels, so it was designed to specifically accommodate any sort of extreme event that may occur," he says. 

Sirett says the bridge's private contractor, SNC-Lavalin, is monitoring the 'seams' daily.

"And those are the areas where specifically our concessionaires are looking at more closely and making sure that doesn't become an issue - both from a bridge perspective but also from a safety concern from vehicles travelling over it - so certainly we want traffic to be following the posted speed limit, especially now when the bridge is slightly higher than it is typically," he says.  

Sirett says right now there are no plans to restrict traffic or close the bridge.