Kelowna's mayor is feeling the negative Trump effect

There are reports U-S President Donald Trump's policies directed at muslims, refugees and Mexicans have been fuelling a racist backlash against minority groups both in the U-S and Canada.

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran, who's of Sihk descent - and the city's first non-caucasian mayor - told AM 1150's 'Early Edition' he personally has been receiving more hate emails.

"I've had more anonymous, negative comments directed at me in the last couple of months since Mr. Trump's election, and I don't think that's a coincidence," he says. 

Basran says the other disturbing aspect of the current U-S administration's direction, is there are members of Trump's party who know these attitudes are not acceptable, but won't stand up to be counted.

He says Canadians have a golden opportunity coming up to counter Trump's negative message.

"I really think this is an opportunity for our country, during the 150th birthday, to really say we are a place of diversity and acceptance, and I think that starts here locally," says Basran. "What we can do as a city council is to continue to be an open and accepting place and really champion and celebrate diversity."