Kelowna's New Fresh Food Market

The old location of Turner Volkswagon is going to be turned into a fresh food market with a combination of produce sales and restaurants.

The site is located on Harvey Avenue near the pedestrian bridge, across from Parkinson Rec Centre.

The developer, Al Stober Construction Ltd, plans to open The District Market at Landmark Centre this Fall and has already lined up tenants.  “We’re about 50% leased and based on the feedback over the weekend we could be full.  There’s going to be 6 new tenants in the space,” said Dallas Gray, Marketing Agent for Al Stober Construction.  “We vision this as a pretty permanent building and we’re doing 10 year leases…and we’re investing a lot of money into the complete re-face, re-landscape and re-purpose of the building.”

“Live, work and eat at Landmark Centre” is the concept the developer has had in mind over the last year, according to Gray.  “Ultimately what we’re looking for is great amenities for Landmark Centre, so things that really enhance the experience here in the Landmark District.  It’s also going to be a great amenity for the City of Kelowna and we hope that that draws (residents of) Kelowna into Landmark Centre and really sort of get to enjoy what the District has to offer.”