Kelowna Salvation Army needs volunteers

As we inch closer to flood and fire season, the Kelowna Salvation Army is looking for volunteers for their Emergency Disaster Services team.

Executive Director Darryl Bury says volunteers fill a variety of roles from greeting evacuees and preparing meals to comforting those facing traumatic situations.

"To have someone there, even to provide just a cup of coffee; to listen to those concerns can make such an amazing impact on someone's life." He says voluneteers help to allow people "to decompress and take a moment to breathe."

EDS volunteers work closely with Emergency Social Services, and in 2017 both organizations helped more than 4,000 evacuees.

If you're over age 19 - and would like to volunteer - contact the Kelowna Salvation Army

For more information, email our volunteer co-ordinator or call 250-860-2329 ext 333.