Kelowna Transit celebrating 40 years

The New Year marks 40 years of transit in Kelowna.

The first buses hit city streets in 1976 through a private company called Lake Valley Transit.

The city's Transit and Programs Manager, Jerry Dombowsky, says the city has come a long way since then.

“You know way back in ’76, with the small town transit system, basically a transit stop was putting a pole in the side of the road” he says “Today we have modern amenities that we’ve developed, we have modern transit exchanges like the Queensway Transit exchange, we’ve got a rapid bus system that we’ve developed”.

To mark the 40 year milestone, the city has launched a year-long promotional campaign to recognize the developments in transit over the years. The campaign includes transit trivia questions on social media with prizes for winners and open houses.

The city has also launched an interactive transit timeline that outlines the various service and infrastructure milestones in the past 40 years.

Dombowsky says one of the major additions to look forward to in the next year is an AVL system that will allow riders to see where their bus is, in real time, on their phone or computer.

“If you’re a transit rider and you go to your bus stop and your bus isn’t there, you’re wondering ‘Gee, did I just miss my bus or is it still coming?’,” he says “if you have a real time information it will tell you where that bus is”.

Dombowsky says it will be rolled out late 2017 or early 2018.